Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bad DC Sports Day

Saturday, August 26, 2006
1. The Atlanta Braves beat the Nationals 10-1
2. Los Angeles Galaxy spank D.C. United 5-2. First time I have ever witnessed a shellacking like this in person.
3. The New England Patriots hammered the Redskins 41-0. The 'Skins fall to 0-3 in the preseason.

When I got the Sunday paper I immediately went to the comics section. While this days results may look ugly, all is not lost. One, the Nats are a bad team and will finish in last place again this season. Two, D.C. United left a couple key players out of the starting line up last night. They have a large lead in the Eastern Conference and can afford this luxury. Still, the fact they are 0-2-3 in their last five league matches concerns me a bit. It's a long season and teams have let downs. I am confident Peter Nowak and the coaching staff will get this team back on track in time for the playoffs. And finally, the Redskins are playing what amounts to practice games. Sure it hurts to see them 0-3 and slapped around like they were last night but Joe Gibbs has been there before. In 1982 they were 0-4 in preseason and they won the Super Bowl. in 1991 they went 1-3 and won the Super Bowl. When the NFL season begins in a couple weeks, look for a different Redskin team to be out there.

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