Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ben's First Piano Recital

Ben has been taking piano lessons from Ms. Richa a former teacher of Ben's at his old day care. He has been learning and playing for nine months. On Saturday May 21, 2016 he and eleven other students had their piano recital at Jordan Kitts Music in Fairfax, VA. Each student played three songs including a duet with Ms. Richa.

Ben's songs were Supercalifragilistic, Rolling Along (with Ms. Richa) and Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Ben was nervous at first but I told him it was like a basketball game, once he got started the nerves would go away. And they did as he did an excellent job.

In fact, all the kids involved did a fantastic job and the more Ben learns and plays, the better he will become. Maybe he'll even play Take Me Out To The Ballgame at a Washington Nationals baseball game one day.

The set up

Ben was a little nervous

Assurance from Mommy before the performance

Ben relaxed a bit when his cousin Jacob appeared

Ms. Richa explains the program

Ben in action

Photo by William Workinger

Photo by William Workinger

Photo by William Workinger

Rolling Along duet with Ms. Richa (Photo by William Workinger)

Ben takes a bow after his performance (Photo by William Workinger)

The kids all received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals which was determined by how long you had been taking lessons with Ms. Richa. Ben received a bronze medal. We are very proud of his efforts and dedication and can't wait to see him progress further. Thank you Ms. Richa!

Ben and Ms. Richa after the recital

Aunt Kim provided the flowers

Encore after the medal ceremony

Ben and Jacob with their medals