Sunday, June 30, 2013

Arlington National Cemetery

I've been wanting to re-visit there for quite some time. I have two Great Grandfather's and a Grandfather there and it had been some time since I went so yesterday I took a trip over. It is a great walk and the history there is unreal.

I plan to go back to visit the Civil War part of the cemetery and a couple other places there as well.

This is best viewed as a slide show. Please click on any photo. For some reason these didn't load correctly via Blogger. I'll try to re-align them better...

Washington DC on a hazy Summer morning in June

Click this link to read more about Colonel Rowe: James N. "Nick" Rowe

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

My Grandfather

My Great Grandfather

For the record: WWB - 1881, WWB Jr. - 1912, WWB III - 1935, WWB IV - 1961, Benjamin - 2005

My Great Grandfather

Colonel Stuart A. Roosa, USAF (Apollo 14)

John F. Kennedy grave site

The Eternal Flame

The Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery