Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maryland Basketball Scrimmage

Prior to the Maryland-Wake Forest football game, the Maryland basketball team had an open scrimmage free to the public. I got there with about 8:00 left in the second half and got these pics. I'm not very experienced taking basketball pics, the game is very fast paced and as a result I've struggled a bit. More practice is needed for me and I'll get that at the Maryland-Elon game the day after Thanksgiving.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Benjamin's Halloween Parade

The annual Halloween Parade was held mid-morning at Benjamin's school. Weena was handling the camera duties and these were two I really liked. Benjamin opted to forego the Iron Man mask as you can see.

I was able to leave work at the last minute to attend. Nothing beats a mid-morning hug from your son after he discovered me in attendance.

They had a party afterwards and got nice goody bags. It was a great day. All I know is I never felt safer since we had a lot of Iron Men, Spider-Men, Transformers and Supermen there.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Benjamin!

Happy Birthday to my best pal Benjamin! At 9:51 AM on 10/25/05 you came into this world and made a lot of us very happy. I am proud to be your Dad.

Here he is celebrating at Chuck E Cheese yesterday. Benjamin's Uncle Bill took this classic shot.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You Jaime Moreno

I wanted to get to RFK Stadium tonight for Jaime Moreno's last game for D.C. United but I've got a lot to do for Benjamin's fifth birthday celebration tomorrow, there just wasn't time.

In a way I'm glad I didn't make it down there as I would have probably bummed out. Sure, I would have loved to seen Jaime's last game and goal in person but part of me was wondering if this is the end for Ben Olsen and his tenure with D.C. United as well. Olsen starred for D.C. United from 1998 through last season. He retired and became an assistant coach for the team. In the middle of what was an awful season, he was named interim head coach.

So for this sports fan, it breaks my heart thinking of D.C. United without these two class acts but athletes and teams do move on. Took me awhile to get over Cal Ripken no longer being an Oriole and Darrell Green no longer being a Redskin. Maybe I'm just a sentimental fool, I don't know. Maybe that's why I love college sports so much. Four years max and those guys move on with their lives.

I'll never forget that '97 MLS Cup at RFK in the rain and in '99 when I road tripped to Foxboro, MA. Moreno was MVP in that '97 title game and Olsen was MVP in the '99 title game. Fond memories.

Since sobering up almost 22 years ago, sports has become a major part of my recovery. Rooting for the local team's up's and down's occupies a lot of time. Time spent not drinking. Seeing D.C. United from its beginning was very, very cool and Jaime was a major part of this league and team's history. He will be missed and I'm glad to have seen him play.

Jaime Moreno scores a goal in his final game, but D.C. United clinches its worst season with 3-2 loss to Toronto FC

Jaime Moreno timeline

Texas Rangers Advance To The World Series

The Texas Rangers defeated the New York Yankees 6-1 last night to win the American League Championship 4 games to 2. The Rangers, who moved to Texas from Washington DC after the 1971 season, advance to their first World Series.

Rewind back to September 1971 for a moment. My friends and I were crushed we lost our baseball team. We weren't sure when (or if) we'd ever see another team in DC. In our close knit neighborhood group some of us became Orioles fans, some of us hoped we'd get a National League team (I still have some Washington Padre cards) and some of us stopped following the sport completely. Ultimately in the Fall of 2004 Washington DC got the Montreal Expos, who relocated and became the Washington Nationals.

But there was just one of us who continued to follow the Texas Rangers starting in 1972. Brian C. He was loyal as anyone can be to their team even though that team was so far away. He'd go to games when the Rangers played the Orioles in Baltimore. He relied on publications like the Sporting News to follow his team. His Grandmother would send him Rangers memorabilia and newspaper clippings from Texas. Remember, in the '70's and '80's we didn't have the internet, MLB package and sports information 24/7.

So when the final out was recorded last night, I had to call BC on his cell phone and I left a message. I also wrote a message on his wall on Facebook congratulating him and his team.

His reply: Some things you just don't believe you'll see in your lifetime...still soaking up post game... We crushed 'em...39 years plus.... Hapless no more !!!!!

The Rangers still have some work to do to complete the mission and win the World Series but what a feeling this is. As an Orioles fan I was fortunate enough to attend two World Series (1979 and 1983) and it was an unreal experience for me. I know BC will savor this regardless of the outcome.

The Washington Post
Texas Rangers beat New York Yankees to clinch first World Series berth

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hockey Fight Sequence

Caps Matt Hendricks vs Bruins Greg Campbell

Had a seat in the Club Level, Section 216 and was using my Nikon D90 and could snap off a picture sequence a lot faster than I could with my D40. Still learning all the features of the D90 but here was a quick scrap sequence (For a bigger photo, double click the picture). Campbell got it going early. Took awhile for Hendricks to get set, but he finished nice throwing 5-6 rights of his own. I'd rate it a draw. Caps with some much needed toughness. Bruins won the game 3-1.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bat Monster's Soccer Action

Picked up a Nikon D90 from my Dad last week and used it during Benjamin's soccer session today. Hopefully I'll learn all the features and functions quickly.

Benjamin awaiting his practice session before his game.

Soccer pals.

Game on! Bat Monsters vs Rockets

Benjamin hustling for the ball.

Nothing gets by me!

Benjamin celebrates his first goal of the game.

Bat Monster Defense.

Benjamin the playmaker.

Benjamin's second goal of the game.

Last second clear, the Bat Monsters hold on to win 6-5!