Monday, February 22, 2010

Because I want this archived, that's why!

Missed this as we were at Marc and Julie's wedding last Saturday. I kept up with it via ESPN Mobile and my friend Erick texted me the details after the Terps won. Amazing!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Benjamin at Uncle Marc & Aunt Julie's Wedding

This weekend we attended Weena's cousin Marc and Julie's wedding in Virginia Beach, VA.

Soon after Marc proposed to Julie last year, the two of them asked Benjamin to me an escort at their wedding. Weena and I were thrilled with this honor and Benjamin took this very seriously.

We had a wonderful time and the day was perfect!

Benjamin greeting Uncle Marc at the rehearsal.

Relaxing in the hotel room prior to the wedding.

Benjamin giving his Uncle Marc a good luck hug before the wedding.

Mr. Happy Go Lucky before the ceremony.

Family pic.

Benjamin escorting Madelyn down the aisle. I only got one picture of this as I realized he is growing up so fast. Seeing this hit me and I got a little choked up watching him.

After the ceremony.

Benjamin and Madelyn being introduced at the reception. Mr. Cool here.

Benjamin, Marc and Julie watching a video during the reception. We were so proud to have been a part of their day. Thanks Marc and Julie!

Benjamin playing with Timber.

Great, great time this weekend. Congratulations Marc and Julie, thank you and we'll see you again soon!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snow Play

The pile next to our house before I started shoveling

Happy Snow Boy

Just introducing the shovel to Benjamin

Top of the world!

Shoveling the vehicles out. My back was killing me!

Mini Snow Man

Father and Son. We had the Caps game on the radio, that was fun hearing the excitement. Caps came back from 4-1 down to win 5-4 in OT!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Another Huge Snowstorm Hits DC

Official count at Casa Benjamin today: 23"

We lost power around 12:30 AM Saturday and it was restored at 5:00 AM. I got up to check on some things and the camera was handy so I got a few shots outdoors. Snow was still falling and it continued until late afternoon. I got outside and did a couple hours worth of shoveling before calling it a day. More shoveling looms on Sunday.

Back in December, we got hit with a similar 20" plus storm on a Saturday and we were off work on Monday. I'm expecting the same thing this Monday where we will be home.

5:00 AM front yard

9:00 AM back yard

9:00 AM front yard

I've lived in the DC area my whole life and never seen us hit with two snowstorms like this in one Winter.

I took some pics of the December 19, 2009 snow storm but didn't blog about it. One post I am still getting comments on is this February 1979 snow storm recap.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Alex Ovechkin: Career Point #500

From last night's Caps-Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Caps won 6-5 for their 12th straight win.

The game was late in the second period and the Caps were down 5-3. With fewer than 10 seconds remaining in this period the Caps were on the verge of seeing their franchise-record winning streak disappear. Ovechkin's goal pumped the team up and that momentum carried over into the third period as the Caps would score two more unanswered goals to extend their record streak to 12.

Simply incredible. I want this goal in the blog archives for Benjamin, who is rapidly becoming a Caps fan.

The Caps extended the streak to 13 with a 5-2 win over Atlanta. Pittsburgh is next on Sunday at noon on NBC, weather permitting as the Penguins are coming in from Montreal Saturday night.