Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ben's Soccer Pictures

Been almost a month between posts. I think Facebook is slowly making this blog obsolete as I have a bigger Facebook audience. I will keep this going for awhile longer. I had no idea I would be writing  over five years after I created this but as long as family and friends find it entertaining, the blog will continue.

Here are a few pictures from Ben's soccer game today. I'm pretty excited how Ben's taken to the sport. He doesn't want to play anything else, just soccer and I'm not going to be one of those parents who take their kids to two or three sports per weekend. I've taught him the basics of baseball, he knows how to shoot a basketball and to catch and throw a football. As he gets older if he wants to pursue these sports, then by all means we will. Right now it's a lot of fun seeing him play soccer and enjoy himself.

In the "locker room" before the game
Controlling the midfield

A cracking goal! My best and favorite sports picture.

Looking to score

Trying to elude the defense

Here they come! Who needs Real Madrid - Barcelona when I got this!

Another goal by Ben

Ben's game face shows his determination

Monday, April 02, 2012

Benjamin's Kindergarten Year

Hard to believe Benjamin's Kindergarten year rapidly coming to an end. We were at his school's fund raiser Saturday night and we bid on, and won this poster of Noah's Ark pictures drawn by every student in his class for their first school play. It's a wonderful keepsake of his Kingergarten year and we are happy to own it. Benjamin was excited as you can tell by his smile when we showed it to him after we got home. He is also missing a tooth as his third tooth came out earlier in the day. He's growing up so fast!