Sunday, June 29, 2008

D.C. United Week

So I've been on a little vacation from this blog lately. This past week was a pretty good week for me as lot has happened involving D.C. United. This past Monday I played in their annual charity golf outing at Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge VA. I've played in several of these in the past and it was good seeing my regular group of friends that I've played with in this. Bryan Namoff was in our group and we had a nice time playing with him despite the tournament being cut short to nine holes due to lightning and rain.

Here's a pic of one of the holes we played.

Ed for birdie.....

Defender Bryan Namoff and the DC United video crew. These guys filmed all of us teeing off. I told the cameraman I'd give him twenty bucks NOT to film my golf swing. I ended up getting filmed. I HOPE this does not make it on to their web site.

So when the lightning came everyone was moved into the clubhouse and it became a big happy hour before dinner was served. Here are some members of Barra Brava yukking it up with a couple players. The course management had to do this, better safe than sorry when lightning is involved. During the happy hour I got to hang with some friends, talked with a couple players and the day was fun despite not getting to play the full 18.

Fast forward to today....I got tickets to see D.C. United play the Evil Los Angeles Galaxy. They have a player I cannot stand in Landon Donovan and a player I respect, David Beckham as he played several seasons for Real Madrid and prior to that, Manchester United. So I felt Benjamin would get a lot out of this game since he's been developing an interest in soccer lately as Daddy's been watching a lot of Euro 2008. (Congrats to Spain, who won the title 1-0 over Germany today).

On the Metro to the game

Soccer celebration at the tailgate

Checking out the team's history


Benjamin would yell "Go, go goalie!" each time D.C. United goalkeeper Zach Wells made a save or kicked the ball

After Jaime Moreno scored his penalty kick to give DC a 1-0 lead

Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles cheering on D.C. United.
Best atmosphere in Major League Soccer, no question about it.

D.C. United 4, Evil LA Galaxy 1 (click for a bigger photo)

The only drawback was at the half when Benjamin and I were looking to get some french fries. We found a line, I was holding him while we waited and he started to get a little impatient and we were 5th from the counter when he started asking to go back to the seat to see Weena. Then he was moving his legs in protest as I was trying to wait it out and let's just say he bended it like Beckham and I was in some pain. That was it for the fries and the only real time he got cranky.

After the game, we headed over to the team store and got him some t-shirts. He and Weena slept on the Metro/car ride home. My only regret was not bringing the small stroller. I wasn't sure stadium security would let us bring it in.

This was Benjamin's first live sporting event and it couldn't have been a better one.

Read all about the game below. Be sure to click the accompanying Photo Gallery as this sums up what an exciting afternoon this was.

United Routs Galaxy

For an example of what kind of person David Beckham is, please read what my friend Dave wrote in his blog Booked For Dissent.

Thanks all who check in here. I'll post more frequently, I promise!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Vacation

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I'm at a point where I've run out of things to write about if you can believe that. I will do what your favorite TV show does and go on a Summer vacation and pick up again at the end of August when Maryland's football season opens up. I'll also post pics of Benjamin's Summer vacation, including our annual week at the beach. I can be reached via the e-mail link here or post a comment and it will get to me. Happy Summer everyone!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Orioles Memories

Saw this bit of news today...

Orioles take steps to return 'Baltimore' to road uniforms

This is great news. I've always liked having the name of the city on the uniform. The Nationals did a nice job with their road uniform.

Here's hoping the Orioles will bring back this logo as well.

This DVD will be in my collection soon.

I've got the 1979 World Series on DVD as well as a few souvenirs from that season. It was the first World Series I attended. The 1983 World Series win was great to see (I was at game four in Philadelphia), but that 1979 Orioles team is still my favorite baseball team ever despite the World Series loss.

I guess I like that 1979 team a lot because me and my buddies went to a lot of games that season. We were still in high school. A couple my friends bought used cars and we'd pile in and just go. Tickets were cheap and the baseball was great.

I want to like the Nats and I will go to games in DC to support them. I love the new stadium but the Baltimore Orioles are the team I grew up with after the Washington Senators were moved to Texas and became the Rangers. Despite Owner Peter Angelos bungling the Orioles up year after year, I'll never stop rooting for them.

The Baltimore Sun is periodically publishing stories about the players, fans and games that shaped the run to the Orioles' last World Series title. Follow it here.
Remembering the '83 O's