Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Caps

Caps fans are getting to see the above post game celebration scene a lot now. Today the Caps beat Tampa Bay 3-2 for their tenth straight victory. This ties the club record set during the 1983-84 season.

They did not play their best hockey vs Tampa Bay. They lost a two goal lead in the third period but they still found a way to win the game thanks to Alex Ovechkin's clutch third period goal. By the way, since Ovechkin was named Captain of the team, the Caps are 12-1.

A couple quotes from this afternoon's game tells you about this year's team:

Brooks Laich:
"I think a sign of a very good hockey team is when they can win when they're not at their best and tonight I think we did that."

Coach Bruce Boudreau agreed with Laich's statement:
"When you're used to winning, you find ways to win," Boudreau said. "They found a way to win even though it wasn't our best game offensively. There were a bunch of guys who were a little off tonight."

Right now this team is on an incredible roll. In my opinion, this is by far the most talented team in Capitals history. I've seen this franchise through good times and bad time having followed this team every season since the expansion year 1974-75 where they went 8-67-5.

Obviously there's a chance this team fizzles in the playoffs but right now you have to say there's also a chance this team is just a machine all the way through the playoffs and wins the Cup in dominant fashion.

During the current ten game winning streak, they've allowed only 21 goals. If you can hold opponents to an average of two goals per game, you should be able to win.

The Caps can break the franchise record for wins on Tuesday in Boston. That won't be easy. And because someone who reads this will probably wonder...the NHL record is 17 wins set by the Penguins in 1993.

On a side note, Benjamin has taken an interest in the Caps. We watch a couple periods nightly before his bed time. Alex Ovechkin is his favorite player and he has a hat and a couple Caps t-shirts. I felt now is the time to take him (and Weena too) to a game. Thanks to the Caps Season Ticket holder ticket exchange (the Caps have been sold out the entire season), I was able to get three Club level seats for the Sunday March 28th game vs the Calgary Flames. Can't wait for our family day and yes, we will be Rocking the Red!

Let's go Caps!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Family Pictures

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Bingo action. Benjamin loves calling the games. Maybe he can get an Offensive Coordinator gig (Redskins fans will understand this).

Benjamin playing with his train set that he got from Grandpa for Christmas. I need to find him a conductor's hat.

We plan to run this around our Christmas tree next year.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1978: Music

Today Benjamin and I had our traditional Saturday outing and in the car, the song Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones came on and Benjamin asked me to turn it up louder, so I did. Then he asked me the song name and who it was by. I told him all the info and the year it was released. He may or may not understand its meaning yet but I always try to tell him as much as I know on a subject such as music or sports.

So we arrived at our first stop, the library and we went about our business. While we were in the library, I started to think about that album by the Rolling Stones and the others that were released that year. What a year it was. For the record, I turned 17 in December 1978. I was in high school at Walt Whitman in Bethesda and the Washington Bullets won their only NBA title that Summer.

Here are some of the great records that came out that year and its ranking on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time. All of these pictured are in my music collection. Kemp Mill Records in Georgetown was my go to record store then. The overnight DJ on DC 101, Jerry Strider, used to play albums in their entirety on weekends and that's how we previewed albums then before buying them. I can remember getting a cable from Radio Shack and hooking up my cassette recorder to my radio and recording these.

The Rolling Stones: Some Girls (#269)

Bruce Springsteen: Darkness on the Edge of Town (#151)

This album by Bruce is one of my favorites of all time.

Bob Dylan: Street Legal

The Who: Who Are You

The Cars: Debut album (#282)

Van Halen: Debut album (#415)

For the record, I listened to this a lot freshman year of college (1980-81) as one of my roommates was in a band called High Voltage and would break this out often. I even went to see Van Halen in concert that Fall in Greensboro NC.

Dire Straits: Debut album

The Grateful Dead: Shakedown Street

Van Morrison: Wavelength

Neil Young: Comes A Time

Elvis Costello: This Year's Model (#98)

Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus

The Band: The Last Waltz

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh yeah, I remember this blog!

Been quite awhile since I posted here. We had a relaxing Christmas and New Year's. I had some personal things to take care of (career related) at the beginning of the year. Without going into detail, all is well. One door has closed but another one has opened and 2010 has been pretty good so far.

That said, here are some random pictures.

Benjamin with his 95 year old Great Grandmother at lunch on Christmas Eve

Benjamin on Christmas Day

Went to the Caps-Ottawa game on January 7th. The view from Section 413, Row N

The roof would have been raised had Alex Ovechkin scored here.

Ovie winds up and cranks one. You know Chris Phillips is thinking "Oh no!"

Caps were comfortably ahead in the last minute when Jonathan Cheechoo scores for Ottawa.

5-2 Caps win!