Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Long Commute Home

We got hit with a Winter mix today. It began early this morning when sleet and snow fell. In clearing off the cars this morning before heading to Benjamin's school and to work, it felt like a giant Slurpee from 7-11 was dumped over us. I dropped Benjamin off and headed into work without any problems. It would be a different story coming home from work.

Read up on what the Post says about this evening's commute:

Barrage of rain, snow, sleet snarls roads and cuts power

Evening commute turns into endless crawl

I left my office in McLean VA at 4:00. What is normally a forty five minute commute home took five hours and forty five minutes!

I had XM Radio, The Sports Reporters on ESPN 980 to keep me company. As the evening dragged on, I started posting mobile messages and pictures to my friends on Facebook while traffic was not moving. The messages I got back kept me from being bored. I tried to put some entertaining thoughts in each message and I can say that helped me relax in a tough situation.

Weena and Benjamin called to check my status. They got home a lot earlier than I did and I was thankful for that. I tuned into the Georgetown-St. John's basketball game and I also flipped over to listen to the Caps as well. XM's Bruce Springsteen channel, the '80's station and First Wave also kept me entertained.

Several cars were stuck on the roads. Plows tried working but they were stuck like we were. A three lane road became one lane. A car broke down in front of my car and someone helped jump it. I helped a group of folks push a couple cars that were stuck. The rain and ice on the road was like a hockey rink after the Zamboni passed over it. Cars were abandoned on the side of the road.

I am thankful I got home ok. It was truly an unreal experience. As I watched the drivers of the plows work, I was amazed at how they did their jobs despite all the cars around them. If I see one of them in 7-11 I'll try to remember to buy them a large cup of coffee or something in thanks.

Here are the pictures I took with my phone:

Dolley Madison Drive

Lewinsville Road

Route 7

The car in front of me would break down.

A person next to us tried to jump start the car. Didn't work and the car was abandoned.

Route 7. Fairfax County Parkway and Algonkian exit on the right

Monday, January 03, 2011

Miscellaneous Sports Pictures

Went to two games during the last week of 2010. On December 28th I went to the Caps vs Canadiens game and the next day I went to what's now called "Historic" RFK Stadium to see Maryland in the Military Bowl. RFK Stadium turns 50 years old this year. Here are some random shots I took at both games. Caps and Maryland both won.

December 28, 2010: Washington Capitals vs Montreal Canadiens

Caps greats

Would love to see a Stanley Cup Champs banner one day

Bullets won it all in 1978. I was in 10th grade at the time.

The tools of their trade for the Caps.

Alex Ovechkin with his traditional pregame ice splash.

Canadian National Anthem

A scene from Animal House fires up the crowd.

December 29, 2010: Maryland Terrapins vs East Carolina Pirates

Game pics here

The colors

Fly over

Field and stands

Maryland extra point attempt

Game action

Upper deck at RFK Stadium

End zone. There used to be temporary seats and a beer stand when the Redskins played here. It got real loud there.

Sadly there is no more end zone seating in RFK Stadium. Replaced by hospitality barns. Boo!

Here is where I stood and took my game pics. Decent view and I blocked no one.

Lower bowl shots in what is probably my final trip ever at RFK.