Tuesday, March 03, 2009

February 1979 Snow Storm

A friend from high school on Facebook mentioned the President's Day snow storm of 1979 so I did some digging in the archives and came up with these shots I took.

If I can recall correctly we missed a weeks worth of school.

Washington Post Weather Gang talked about it last year here:
Huge Snowfall Shuts Down D.C. Area

From the front porch. Great sledding on Corbin Drive that week!

Dad, after telling me the "Our schools never closed" and "I had to walk ten miles to get there in a foot of snow" speech that every Dad told their kid ;)

I think he closed with "put your @*#&^@ camera down and get out here now."

Dad's 44 in this pic and I was 17 then.

From the driveway.

Here's our back yard. I think I had some beer stashed in the bushes


Anonymous said...

I imagine that beer was tasty cold! Any photos from the March storm -- I can't remember the year but I think things were pretty much shut down then too. Four wheel drives didn't exist. We all just had stationwagons to cart us around.

Bill-DC said...

Dad chimes in via e-mail:

What I really said was," We never had snow days." It really was rare if school was closed during a snow storm. Remember, most kids were able to walk to school, not many of us had cars and schools were close to your neighborhood.

Not much traffic, either. Today, with crowded roads, bussing and a whole host of other events causes the problem of missed days.

Looking back now, I remember a friend and I walking to Talberts to get someone to buy us beer as my "assets" were frozen in the back yard (see backyard pic).

Delivering the Washington Post wasn't much fun but my cousin Tommy and I helped each other out as our routes were next to one another.

We each made $$$ shovelling snow for our paper customers.

Jim's sister said...

Hey Bill, I remember that particular snowstorm and the long lasting drifts! We grew up in Columbia, MD and I certainly remember lots of days off school and the endless sledding and also the massive shoveling! I know Jim was in on all the fun and chores. I would have been a freshman in high school, Jim in 8th grade. When our oldest son was a young baby, in Jan. 96, there was one of those storms, 36" + it shut down the Philadlephia airport... I have a photo of the neighbor girl holding JohnPaul at age 3 months with the snow way over his head!

littlepapoose said...

i came across this in a search i did... i was born during the snowstorm of 79. We have pictures of people shoveling snow that piled up to their roof tops! My mother had to get folks to help shovel a path just so she could get to the hospital!
I love the pictures great little story too.

Anonymous said...

I remember that snow storm well because the very next day all DC Public Schools were open and the kids in DC walked to school. That was a time when the DC Public Schools never closed. Only the schools in Maryland and Virginia would close due to snow. We didn't have many fat kids back then---because we all got physical exercise in everything we did (walking to and from school, playing during recess, fulfilling chores at home, etc. etc.)

A Life In Focus Photography said...

i remember that storm.

Anonymous said...

I remember that snowstorm all too well schools were closed for a week and I was pregnant that Monday I had a 2 pound baby the paramedics had to carry me above their shoulders on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance That baby was fine stayed in the hospital until the last week of May and I will never forget that as long as I live

miatapaul said...

Hey, I was there on a Junior High field trip from Indian Hill (out side of Cincinnati) it was a blast! We ran around the hotel like crazy people. Some guys called down to room service to get beer and they said that they can't send it up, so they asked if they could send down there "daughter" to pick it up, they agreed. My cousin volunteered to go down to pick it up (she was in 7th grade) and as the door of the elevator opened there was a teacher! OOPS! ;-) She still gets laughed at about that.

Rita McNamara-Moose said...

I got married that day. I knew my husband was determined whenn he borrowed a work truck and drove us from Wilson Lane in Bethesda to the CourtHouse in Rockville. Needless to say, the reception was postponed until the next weekend. I hope it's okay that I posted one of your photos on his FB page one the eve of our 34th Anniversary. ThankYou, Rita McNamaraMoose

Rita McNamara-Moose said...
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Rita McNamara-Moose said...
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