Saturday, March 07, 2009

What A Busy Saturday!

Beginning at 9:30 AM today we took Benjamin to see horses at a field near our church, the library, the park and McDonald's for lunch. After a two hour nap, we went to a 4th birthday party for one of his day care pals at a bounce place. After that we went out for a nice, quiet dinner. Monday Benjamin is trudging and playing through show and a few days later he's running around in 70 degree weather. Hopefully Spring will be here for good soon. In less than a month Benjamin starts outdoor mini soccer. We got a little practice in today at the park.

"Push me higher Daddy!"

A little dodge ball action

Yes, the shot dropped!

He's a righty.

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Anonymous said...

Great pix. He's really growning up and he "looks" like a soccer player!!!