Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You Jaime Moreno

I wanted to get to RFK Stadium tonight for Jaime Moreno's last game for D.C. United but I've got a lot to do for Benjamin's fifth birthday celebration tomorrow, there just wasn't time.

In a way I'm glad I didn't make it down there as I would have probably bummed out. Sure, I would have loved to seen Jaime's last game and goal in person but part of me was wondering if this is the end for Ben Olsen and his tenure with D.C. United as well. Olsen starred for D.C. United from 1998 through last season. He retired and became an assistant coach for the team. In the middle of what was an awful season, he was named interim head coach.

So for this sports fan, it breaks my heart thinking of D.C. United without these two class acts but athletes and teams do move on. Took me awhile to get over Cal Ripken no longer being an Oriole and Darrell Green no longer being a Redskin. Maybe I'm just a sentimental fool, I don't know. Maybe that's why I love college sports so much. Four years max and those guys move on with their lives.

I'll never forget that '97 MLS Cup at RFK in the rain and in '99 when I road tripped to Foxboro, MA. Moreno was MVP in that '97 title game and Olsen was MVP in the '99 title game. Fond memories.

Since sobering up almost 22 years ago, sports has become a major part of my recovery. Rooting for the local team's up's and down's occupies a lot of time. Time spent not drinking. Seeing D.C. United from its beginning was very, very cool and Jaime was a major part of this league and team's history. He will be missed and I'm glad to have seen him play.

Jaime Moreno scores a goal in his final game, but D.C. United clinches its worst season with 3-2 loss to Toronto FC

Jaime Moreno timeline

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