Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer

Not a lot going on since we've been back from vacation. A couple more pictures of Benjamin as he's learning how to stand up. Our little guy is ten months old on Friday!

"Sweet, Daddy's Terps football tickets arrived!"

"Daddy says once I learn how to push this, he's got a
bigger one of these in the garage that I can use and
its even got a motor!"


Anonymous said...

Yes, then it's off to the pool for Benjamin where Dad can't find him!

Bill-DC said...

I used to do that before our grass got cut....Dad had no idea where I was!

Bill-DC said...

PS: Hi Dad!

Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill said...

Happy 10 month birthday to the best little (and cutest) boy! We couldn't ask for a better nephew than Ben!
Love Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill