Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rookie Dad: Month 10, A Vacation

All good things have to end and our vacation to South Carolina ended and we made the long drive home today. We made great time and got home in time to see Tiger Woods win the PGA Championship for his 12th major title. Our vacation enabled us to futher bond with Benjamin. How so? Since I leave for work at 6:00 AM and Weena drops Benjamin off at day care at 7:30 AM, we miss a majority of his day. When he was born, I had a couple weeks off but a lot of that was spent running errands and making sure Benjamin and Weena were comfortable. I took a week off in June, however this was used to shuttle Benjamin to his first day care place and I stuck around the house in case he had separation anxiety and needed me to come get him.

Our vacation was pretty much Benjamin 24/7 and it was great. We goofed off and played around a lot and watched him crawl, crawl and crawl some more. He played at the beach and loved the sand and water. We got to spend all this time with him and that was precious. What was also great was my Mom got to further bond with him as well. He loved his Grandma time! We also see he loves to watch people and in various places he would smile and wave to everyone passing by. He's developing quite a personality as he grows.

So to recap this, we got a lot of sun, sand, surf and must important, relaxation. One year we may end up renting a beach cottage so more family can spend time together. I remember these vacations as a kid where various relatives would come spend time with us and we had a great time. I want to do this with Benjamin and our families.

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maryjanejeff said...

Bill, I am thrilled for you and Weena that you were able to have this vacation week. You are truly blessed. Sounds like you had a blast.