Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Benjamin pics!

Various goofy shots taken of Benjamin tonight. His hair is getting long but there is a tradition from the Philippines that parents do not cut the hair of their child until he or she is a year old. This gives them long life. He's motoring around on the floor, doing the Marine's crawl so I installed a gate at the entrance of the basement to keep him from falling down the stairs. I've also plugged up all electrical outlets. Every day I see something I need to take care of. No complaints.

He's doing very well in day care. He plays with the other kids in his group, he sleeps and eats well, sort of like me when I was in college. At the end of the day I pick him up and he waves goodbye to all the kids and staff. We love the new day care center we picked out. It's so close to home. While we've had rearrange some financial priorities (Big screen TV fell from a high of #4 to #43 on my top 50 list), it has been well worth it.

Pretty soon he'll be walking. We are excited. Stay tuned as my Rookie Dad season continues.

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