Monday, August 14, 2006

Beach time!

Benjamin had his first day at the beach today. He played in sand, waded in the water and wrecked one little sand castle Mom and Dad built for him. He didn't put any sand in his mouth, which was my concern. He and Mommy hung out for an hour as we didn't want to expose him to too much sun while Daddy swam, read and snoozed on the beach for almost four hours.


auntie kim said...

looks like ben is enjoying his time playing beach blanket bingo! he is a stylin' beach bum in his little trunks! don't let that belly get too much sun. ;-)

B.C said...

What a great shot of you and your little boy Billy. I hope you enjoy your vacation . As a couple who is trying to have a child ...I pray that God may bless us the way he has you and your wife . I can truly say I have never seen you happier. Keep doing the next right thing dude !! - B.C.