Sunday, September 03, 2006

Goodbye Summer

The end of Summer is here. In my mind, Summer is over when the Labor Day weekend comes and goes. As a kid growing up, school always started after Labor Day. It was a pretty eventful Summer as Benjamin started day care and is doing well there. We also took some time off to spend at the beach recently. Benjamin's growing up big time as evidenced by his teeth coming in and him standing up with a little help. He'll be a year old on October 25th. What a great year its been! He's given our family a lot of love and joy this past year.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Benjamin got another tooth on top! He'll soon be eating real people's food. I still miss him - His Aunt Kim and I had a good afternoon at the beach. It was high tide so not much sand space. But it was very pleasant. Wish you all were here.
The "object" of the Grandma "point!"

UnknownColumn said...

Judging by the raised finger in the bottom picture, he has his goal celebration down already.