Saturday, September 23, 2006

14th Annual Wood Acres Neighb Open

The 14th annual Wood Acres Neighb. Open was held today at Cross Creek Golf Club in Beltsville, MD. Cross Creek opened in 2002 and proved to be a very good challenge for our group with its bentgrass tees, fairways and greens. The course was very scenic with a lot of woods, some elevation changes and a couple of its holes being located in an old quarry area. I liked the course a lot and would definitely go back to play there again. As it matures, it will be one of the better public courses in the DC metropolitan area.

As my score below indicates, I scored high as I lost five balls. The woods gobbled up a lot of my drives and I left feeling I could have scored better than I did. Of course my game has turned to rust as golf has been very limited since I became a Dad. The time commitment to practice and play with the amigos just isn't there right now. So for me, today really wasn't about scoring low. It was about reuniting with old friends, laughing it up, kicking back and enjoying a Fall afternoon.

The Results:
1. Barry-79
2. Gus-86
3. Weess-93
4. Jamie-95
5. BC-96
6. Rob-97
7. Elwood-101
8. Bill-DC 103
9. Fred-105
DNS: Tim Dog, Tony

First win for Barry as he's had several near misses. Congrats buddy, well done and deserved. Anytime one in our group can bust 80 is impressive.

The pictures: Double click for a bigger shot

Gus, the defending champion.

A result of one of my tee shots.

One of my shots ended up in this guy's Neighb.

Yes, this is one drive that found the fairway.

Gus from the bunker on 18.

BC closing it out on 18.

Barry ends the drama on 18, holing
this putt for the title.

L to R: Gus, BC, Barry and Weess
after the trophy presentation.

Thanks guys, that was a lot of fun! To archive this grand event, I've set up a blog to the left under Other Favorites.

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Anonymous said...

Well, now I know who "Gus" is. Glad you guys had a good time!
Bill-DC's Mom