Friday, September 15, 2006

Benjamin's Week in Review

This picture of Benjamin was taken the moment Weena walked
in the door this evening after work. He's excited to see Mommy!

Are you ready for some football!
Benjamin watching the Redskins game this past Monday night.

Teeth and gum relief!

Not a bad week for our little guy. He's been crawling for awhile, but now he is raising his butt when scooting around. He's no longer doing the Marine crawl on his stomach. He's also standing up with the aid of a chair or couch and he's trying to figure out how his legs and feet work. Sort of like me after last call at The Dancing Crab in the '80's.

Today when I picked him up from day care, I was given an incident report. He had a little biting incident with a fellow playmate earlier in the day. Benjamin is teething and has four upper teeth and two lower teeth. He and another child were horsing around and Benjamin must have thought the other boy's arm was a chicken leg. The teacher's at the day care showed me the other child and he was unhurt. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt and there were no marks on the arm. My boy's first yellow card so to speak. We'll pack some teething medicine in his bag for next week and keep a frozen teether handy so those will provide some relief.


UnknownColumn said...

It looks like he's a lefty, eh?

Bill-DC said...

Yeah, I'm a lefty but can do a lot of things right handed like writing.

If he's a southpaw, that's cool. Look at how long Jesse Orosco lasted in the major leagues.