Saturday, May 31, 2008

Evenings With Benjamin

Not much happening this week but I did take Benjamin on some errands a couple evenings after his day care. We went to the gas station and I showed him how to fill the car up. Doors closed so we wouldn't breathe the fumes, I sat with him in the back while he was in his car seat and was talking with him as the tank was being filled. He was looking at the numbers on the pump and kept saying "It won't stop Daddy". Gritting my teeth I was laughing "I know, I know" $37.00 later it finally did. I remember when I bought my car it would cost $16.00 to fill it up.

We also went to the Post Office to drop off some mail and then we visited the library where we dropped off our books and got some more. He loves the library and in our quick trip we picked up a couple Calliou books, some Eric Carle and a Clifford book.

Other errands this week included a visit to the bank. I showed him what to do and he took care of business, dropping off a deposit after I lifted him up to greet the teller. He got a lollipop for his efforts after the deposit was processed.

It's fun showing him around the area. He's in day care all day while we're at work so it's nice to have this time to do a bunch of things together. He's also got a million questions so it's fun answering them. I want him to interact with people as he has tendency to be a little shy around adults. After dinner he likes to watch TV before bed. With the days being longer, we're trying to steer him away from that a little bit so we'll take him for a wagon ride around the neighborhood, a trip to the park, book time on the deck as the sun sets, things to keep his mind occupied. He's a smart kid and is becoming more independent each day.

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