Friday, May 02, 2008

Spring Picture

Benjamin recently had his Spring picture taken at day care so when I went to pick him up today, this is what awaited me in his cubby.

The key words to the photographer in a note before the pictures were taken were "Cowabunga!", "Cheese!" and "Yeti, Yeti, Yeti" which was taken from one of Benjamin's favorite programs, The Backyardigan's. We were hoping we would get smiles and overall, these came out well.

Also included was a group shot of his classmates and teachers, which we will keep as well and include in his album. He's really growing up fast!

He's been involved in a Swan's swimming class at the local recreation center. He loves being in the water and so far he's learned how to float, use his arms and legs to kick, blow bubbles and he's been underwater a lot. We're pleased with the instruction and plan to enroll him in more classes when there are openings. He interacts well with the instructor, the other kids and parents too. It's fun and we'll have some pictures posted soon. I'm the one in the water so I can't take any photos but Weena got some the other day that we hope turn out well. Usually we get there early and he's first in the water. When his class ends he doesn't want to come out of the water, so we go to the kiddie area and use the water slide. Fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

Ben's a little forced in the smile area in the first picture, but they are good. Delighted that he loves the water. Such a good thing to get him used to!

He should be receiving a package today or tomorrow!


Bill-DC said...

He looks like he's saying "Cheeeese!" there. Enlarge the second and it looks as if he's saying "Snap the $#&*@ picture so I can go back to my play time!"

Anonymous said...

what a handsome boy...i want a copy of the third pic!
aunt kim