Friday, May 23, 2008

Senators Baseball Memorabilia

Cleaning out some old storage bins in the garage I came across an envelope I had stashed in one of the bins during my three moves from 2001-2003. Opening the envelope, I see my 1971 Washington Senators team picture with Frank Howard's large autograph on it (Click to enlarge picture). I thought this was lost several years ago and what a surprise it was finding it.

I have a picture of the first pitch from when baseball returned to RFK Stadium in April 2005 and I plan to get a first pitch picture of Nationals Park as well. Maybe I can get these framed together.

Here is how I got my boyhood baseball hero's autograph. November 1991 I saw a sign outside The Barrister Restaurant and Bar across from the bank I worked at on Connecticut Avenue advertising Frank's appearance. So at almost 30 years of age at the time, I snuck out of work and headed over to the bar to get my photo signed. I was the first one there and Frank was seated at the bar. He was doing promotions for a liquor distributor at the time. I was nervous and excited when I approached him, calling him Mr. Howard and showing him the photo I had.

He was very nice and very happy to relive his baseball days. He said his happiest years in baseball were here and talked about his playing days in DC. Then he offered me a drink, which I declined because I was a little over two years sober at the time. I remember telling him I had to get back to work so I ordered a soda instead.

Other people started to arrive then, so I knew it was time for me to go so I shook his hand looked him in the eye and said something like I'll always be a little kid when it comes to baseball and you'll always be my baseball hero, something corny and he said it's always a pleasure meeting and talking baseball.

This year I turn 47 and Frank Howard turns 72. Can we turn the clock back 40 years? I want to see him homer into the upper deck at RFK Stadium one more time.

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