Monday, May 19, 2008

Benjamin's Swimming Class

We enrolled Benjamin in his first swimming class. I'll let Weena write today's entry as she had the sideline view of all ten lessons and snapped these pictures.

Benjamin had a blast with his swimming lessons which ended last Wednesday. He received a certificate (Swans Group) from his swimming instructor and he is ready for the next level (Solo Swans). However, since this is his first time to do swimming lessons and he’s still young for the next level, we plan to register him for the same class in a couple of weeks. This will allow him to get used to the pool and build some more confidence to be on his own in the water. The next level requires only him in the pool – no parents.

We plan to take him to the Rec. Center pool after work and we have pool passes for our HOA outdoor pool too. We also have our traditional week at the beach, so he'll get a lot of water exposure this Summer.

The skills covered in his Swans class were:
Water Adjustment
Blowing Bubbles
Water Entry/Exit
Front Float
Front Kick
Front Arm Paddling
Back Float
Back Kick
Face in Water
Rolling Front to Back
Rolling Back to Front
Safety Information

We couldn't have been more happier with our instructor Eric. He really worked well with all the children. Benjamin couldn't wait to see him every Monday and Wednesday. We would get there early to get used to the water and at the end of the lesson, we would go over to the slide area and Ben did not want to get out of the water when it was time to go home.

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