Thursday, April 03, 2008

Couple Benjamin Pics Taken By Grandma

Here's Benjamin last Saturday after he returned from his friend Kjell's birthday party. It was a morning party and we got home in time for Grandma and Aunt Kim's visit. This was taken before we went to lunch.

Here's Benjamin at lunch. He got up very early at 6:30 that day, went to a two hour birthday party where he played with his pals from day care, then went to lunch with us. You can tell he is about to fall asleep and that's what he did the moment we got in the car and tucked him in his car seat.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he may have been tired but he sure could count to ten in Spanish. I just think I caught him at almost a yawn time. He was so cool at lunch. It was so much fun talking to him. Loved being with all of you!