Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nationals Park

The Washington Nationals officially open their new ball park tonight vs the Atlanta Braves. Last night there was an exhibition game between the Nationals and Orioles there. It was a test run to make sure things worked well. There was no public sale of tickets for this, only season ticket holders and guests of the team got to attend. I got these pics off the Terps Sports Message Board. As usual, click the picture to enlarge it.

You can see there is still work to be done around the ballpark. The last picture is from the Washington Post. It's an architect's rendering of a street near Nationals Park. Pretty cool.

I can't wait to go. I have tickets to three games and will have chances to get to many more games as the season progresses. I am excited that this stadium is here and I cannot wait to introduce Benjamin to baseball. A father, his son and a baseball game. What can be better?

My first game at the new park will be Saturday April 12, an afternoon game vs the Braves. One thing I need to do is bring a sharpie pen and christen my seat with my grandfather's initials. A little part of him needs to be there as he was a big baseball fan and I used to love talking baseball with him.

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Burnt Couch said...

Have fun on the 12th (and wish me a happy bd from the game ;)

I went tonight. Was a sick game and an amazing stadium!

Go Nats

- Brian, BoSox fan/and part-time nats fan