Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Nationals New Ball Yard

Today was a big day for Nationals fans. First, they installed the big video screen and moved home plate from RFK Stadium to the new ball park.

More pictures here.

Second, single game tickets went on sale this morning at 9:00 AM. Your's truly was in what was called a "virtual waiting room" for thirty seven minutes as people all over town were trying to get tickets to Nationals Park March 30th opening night vs the Atlanta Braves.

All I wanted were some Sunday afternoon games and when I finally was able to purchase tickets, I got a pair to see the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 4, three to see the Baltimore Orioles on June 29th and three to see the Cincinnati Reds on August 3. I plan to take Weena and Benjamin to both the Orioles and Reds games. This will be Benjamin's baseball debut and definitely another Proud Dad moment in my life as nothing beats a father, his son and a baseball game.


Dave Lifton said...

"I plan to take Weena and Benjamin to the game."

Translation: Weena watches Benjamin while I watch the game.

maryjanejeff said...

Lifton, you're not supposed to say that. ;)

FWIW, I think the Nationals will be slightly better this season. Acta deserved some Manager of the Year votes IMHO for what he did with last year's situation. That them earned my respect and then some for playing hard until the end last year.

Bill-DC said...

In all likelihood that's what will happen :)

Actually I'm hoping to get there April 17th for the Pope's Mass. I filled out our lottery request today. Our Parish of 7,000 gets 134tickets. Small chance, but a chance none the less.