Friday, April 11, 2008

New Era in Caps Hockey Begins Tonight

The Caps are back in the Stanley Cup playoffs after a five year absence. Tonight is game one between the Caps and Flyers. This will be a great series. I will be in attendance tonight. I am excited, I feel like a little kid again and I cannot wait.

This is a new era with Alex Ovechkin. For me, the past Caps playoff history is filed away for good. It's a much different feeling now. On, writers Scott Burnside and E.J. Hradek plus ESPN analyst Barry Melrose talk about which arena will have the most electricity in the first round and they all mentioned Verizon Center. In years past no one thought twice about the Caps arena being loud and now with the red out, fans getting mohawks and the excitement Ovechkin brings, the atmosphere has changed. Look out NHL, here come the Caps!

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