Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

Not going to say much about the Caps-Flyers game two that occurred earlier today. The Flyers won 2-0 and outplayed the Caps in every part of this game. Game three is in Philadelphia Tuesday night. Series tied 1-1.

Also another event I love, The Masters, laid an egg today. There wasn't any drama, no Tiger Woods charge from the six shot hole he dug himself in. The result was a snoozer and the champion is Trevor Immelman, an up and coming player from South Africa. The Masters was just his second win on U.S. soil and he has four European wins as well. At one point he had a six shot lead with four holes and he won by three shots over Tiger Woods.

So here are a couple pics from our day at the park yesterday. Benjamin loved getting out of the house and he got some running around time in. Can't wait until Spring arrives. On April 21, Benjamin gets acquainted with the pool as we've signed him up for a beginners ducklings class at the recreation center.

On the way back from the park, my 2001 Honda Civic EX hit the 100,000 mile mark. I had the camera out and shot this picture at a stop light. For what its worth, Benjamin was asleep in his car seat. Chuck Mangione's Feels So Good was playing on XM '70's channel and we were roughly one mile from home. The Civic's been a good, solid reliable car to me since I bought it in May 2001. I said when I got it I would keep it at least ten years. When Benjamin was born, friends were saying I needed to trade it in for an SUV or a caravan. I do not like SUV's and the only Caravan I like is a song by Van Morrison which is one of my all time favorite songs.

While the Civic's been great, it's also been hit a total of three times. Two times in the rear (2004 & 2007) and once in the front left (2006, see below) when a person ran a red light and hit me. It held up well from that accident, the other car took the majority of the beating. Once I had my car repaired, it looked good as new. It's in great shape. It's been my trusty cruiser and since I've kept up on the maintenance, I expect to have it around awhile longer. Not having a 60 mile to and from daily commute to work helps too as my job is now just eight miles away.


Brian said...

I was in my car listening to XM when you heard Chuck Mangione because I heard it too. That's bizarre.

Maggie said...

I sing Feels So Good whenever someone makes an especially musical toot. And why would you need and SUV for one kid? I never get that!