Saturday, April 26, 2008

Benjamin Goes To Wood Acres Park

Saturday is Daddy and Benjamin's park day. Instead of going to the usual place, I decided to take Benjamin to the park in the neighborhood I grew up in. First we drove past the house our family lived in on Cromwell Drive. We looked at it for awhile and I explained all the fun things we used to do as kids there.

We proceeded to Wood Acres Park and Benjamin loved it because he could just run all over the place.

Here he is studying some ants on a picnic table.

Benjamin standing on a rock near the tennis courts

Conductor Benjamin says "All Aboard!"

Benjamin at an old tree near the parking lot.
I think I even climbed in here when I was his age.

We hung out there over an hour and a half and plan to go back again soon. It was neat having Benjamin play in the same park I did when I grew up.

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Anonymous said...

What was great was that all the moms knew you were probably at the park and, when you were growing up, we didn't have to worry about you! Glad you took Bejamin back to Wood Acres.