Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Christmas Pics

Christmas is getting closer and closer and packages are starting to arrive at the house for Benjamin. I think he understands something special happens soon. Benjamin likes to point to the Christmas tree when we light it up. I really hope the weather stays nice as I would love to walk him around the neighborhood in his stroller so he can see the light displays of our neighbors.

Right now he is so much fun to be around. He's learning more words and is into his Elmo books. He's racing all over the house now. Tonight at the Christmas tree I lost sight of him for a moment and he tripped over my foot and his noggin hit the floor. Lucky he hit the carpeted portion. A few tears later, he was back to his normal playful self. Meanwhile, I felt like the worst Dad in the world. It's tough seeing your son cry but it's going to happen a lot during the next few years.

The night ended with me taking him upstairs at his normal bed time. He associates me with play time and usually Weena puts him to bed. She was wrapping gifts for awhile, so we read and watched the Maryland basketball game. He knows the word "turtle" and said it a few times during the game as the Terps logo was flashed on tv. He'll be ready for the start of the ACC season in January!


Anonymous said...

Man, I love the grownup shoes. You are something Mr. Benjamin! Love you lots. Grandma

Bill-DC said...

Let me add these grown up shoes came with grown up prices!

Anonymous said...

That is ONE handsome dude. And he looks sporting with that fancy sweater and big boy shoes!
Aunt Kim