Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Classics From Christmas Past

The first photo is me at age three, taken in 1964. The second is in 1965. My Uncle Dave is fiddling with a Mustang model, my Dad is trying to figure out something by reading the instructions and I'm wondering when I can play with my loot. The gentleman seated in the chair enjoying his Christmas "iced tea" is my Grandfather Sam. We nicknamed him Grand Sam. Note the grin on his face. He's probably thinking I don't have to put together anything, I can just kick back and relax....I have great memories of Grand Sam. I always loved his baseball stories, which dated back to the 1920's. He died in 1987. I think about him often and will make sure to tell Benjamin all about him when he gets older.

Which brings me to the last photo from 1966 of my sister Kim and me. I think this was the year we were rugrats on the Santa stage and it took forever to settle us down to take the photo. Note my facial expression and Santa's.

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