Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting Closer To Christmas Day!

We took Benjamin to get his second hair cut today and he was very good. He was his usual playful self tonight as you can see. You can cue the theme to the movie Jaws for the first photo as he was checking out the loot that was piled up. Normally I'm not the most gung ho person when it comes to Christmas, but this year has been different. For one, I have 125 Christmas songs on my iPod that I plan on playing throughout the weekend when people visit. Two, I have completed all of my shopping. For family members reading this in shock, I will write this again. I have completed all of my shopping. In year's past I usually start around the 21st.

Ho ho ho!

1 comment:

auntie kim said...

Ah you may have FINISHED your shopping but have you wrapped? That was always the stickler with you! :-)