Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Memorial Day Weekend


Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum.
We took Benjamin to the National Mall to check out a couple museums. We kept the agenda light as we didn't want to force too much on Benjamin. Between the Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum, we took a ride on the carousel and had lunch. Benjamin fell asleep midway through the Natural History Museum so we stopped in a cool movie room there and all of us rested before heading home.

Benjamin loved the subway ride to the museums

Hanging out near the Washington Monument

Air and Space Museum

Learning is cool!

Carousel ride!

Not happy with his smoke signal plan, early man invents the Blackberry.


Nationals vs Orioles (Nats win 8-5)

Thanks to my firm's generosity, I got four tickets to the game and I took some friends. The view from Section 135 is reflected in these pics (click to enlarge). During the at bats, the first base coach was in the way so I had to edit the pictures. Next game I go to (June 25 vs Boston) I plan to rove around the ballpark and get some close up pictures.

Orioles Nick Markakis at bat

Orioles Aubrey Huff in with a double

Nats Ryan Zimmerman at bat

O's turn a double play. Second shot would have been
good if I got the ball in the picture.

O's Nick Markakis warming up.

President's race. (Teddy's still o-fer his career)

Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman

Nats celebrate after Adam Dunn's grand slam

Day of relaxation, I took Benjamin to the park and to lunch while Weena did some shopping. We cooked out for dinner and was amazed at how fast the weekend went.

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