Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Game 7 Thoughts

Capitals vs Penguins, game 7 Verizon Center 7:00 PM

Tonight is the most important game in the Capitals 35 year history.

Prior to this series, these two franchises haven't played one another in the playoffs since 2001 but the history remains and the Pens have scoreboard. Long time Caps and Pens fans will always remember the torture the Pens have inflicted on the Caps at playoff time. It's got to end though. Tonight.

In my opinion, this is a title game for these Caps. Win and they get a great start to this new era in this rivalry. No one will be bringing up '92 or '95 or any of the other years the Caps had their season ended by this franchise. I got tired of hearing folks saying "yeah Ovechkin is great but his team needs to get out of the first round of the playoffs...."

Well, they've done that this post season. A win tomorrow over the Pens and folks can say Ovechkin and the Caps beat Sid and the Pens when they first went head to head in the playoffs.

The Caps won't get a banner for this should they win. By winning, they attain a new level of confidence and respect is earned for these guys and that's big this time of year. Then the Caps can move on and focus on more hardware.

This is the third game seven for most of these Caps and the second for goaltender Simeon Varlamov while Sidney Crosby and the Pens are appearing in their first game seven.

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