Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Show

Today was a special day for Benjamin. First he had his Winter Wonderland Show with his classmates at day care. We got there twenty minutes before the show started and the best seats we could get were in the back of the gym. I tried taking pictures but nothing really came out great as the stage was dark and several other people were taking pictures and videos of their kids also. I was able to get a minute and a half of video from my digital camera towards the end of the show that came out pretty good, so we were enjoying that this evening.

Benjamin's group was the first on stage and they sang the following songs:

Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Chocolate (in Spanish)
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Benjamin was singing, dancing and clapping along with his class. I was impressed with his stage presence as I estimate the audience at 75. I don't recall ever getting on any stage when I was in school, so Benjamin is one up on his old man. Next stop American Idol.

We also decided to take him the the mall to see Santa Claus. He hung out with Santa for a few minutes, talking about cars, Power Rangers and soccer. He promised to be a good boy. He gave Santa a high five and a hug.

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