Friday, December 12, 2008

Benjamin's NFL Lock This Weekend

Benjamin and I were driving to day care this AM and listening to Steve Czaban's FOX Sports Radio show on XM. They were doing a "Lock and Load" segment on who their favorite football picks were in this weekend's games. There is a sound bite of a football player yelling "Lock and Load!"

So Benjamin yells out "Lock and Load, Daddy!" as we drive in.

I said "Ok, who do you like?" and he thought about it and said "the G-men Daddy!"

"The G-Men? Why?

At this point I'm wondering where he got that, then thought he must have heard Chris Berman say it when we were watching ESPN the other day.

"Because they are the blue team that your friend Dave likes"

So take the Giants over the Cowboys this Sunday at 8:00 PM. I'm amazed daily at the things he learns and retains.

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Riz said...

I'm teaching Xavi how to say "sinkhole". ;D