Monday, December 22, 2008

Benjamin's Gift To Us

Benjamin's class made these for the parents at day care and ours was laminated and wrapped in nice, green holiday wrapping paper. I think this is the best gift we will get this holiday season. Benjamin is showing incredible progress at his new day care and he's really enjoying himself by participating in a lot of activities and making new friends. His teachers are telling us how quickly he learns. He does have the occasional mishap as all three year olds are prone to do. We were concerned about how the added cost would affect us but through careful budgeting and spending, we are doing fine and are pleased we made the change. Forget the stock market, 401-k or retirement accounts. Benjamin is our best investment and the returns are always huge! We are looking forward to 2009.

Sometimes I get all dirty
As I run and play
And I leave my handprints
All along the way
But with each day I grow a bit
And one day I'll be tall
And all my dirty handprints
Will be cleaned off the wall
So here is one for you to keep
To help your recall
Exactly what my hand looked like
When I was very small

Enjoy the holiday's everyone!

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Laura Gies said...

Amen, Bill!!! Merry Christmas!