Saturday, September 01, 2007

Maryland 31, Villanova 17

Good to be back in Section 19 again on a beautiful afternoon for tailgating and a great evening for a game. The Terps went up 10-0 on an Obi Egekeze 42 yard field goal and a Keon Lattimore TD run. Villanova scored with 2:30 left in the first half to make it 10-7 Maryland. Then Terp QB Jordan Steffy threw an ill advised pass in the end zone that was intercepted near the end of the half that would have put MD up 17-7. Overall, I thought Steffy played very well in his first start. Terps took control of the second half going up at one point 31-7 on two Lattimore TD runs and a TD run from Steffy. Villanova returned an interception for a TD late to make the final 31-14. Hopefully the Terps didn't give too much away in their game plan for other teams scouting. Florida International next week in Miami and (gulp!) home to #3 West Virginia on 9/13.

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Anonymous said...

For the most part we played really well, and yes I know it's just Villanova. But all of our biggest question marks played well tonight.

Steffy was fantastic(save for the interception which was bad, but nobody's perfect), but he went 19/24 and that included 2 drops that would've gone for big gains. He really didn't force anything, he took what was there and even had some very nice runs. Again I know it's just Villanova, but in his limited performances in the past he struggles against a I-AA team(William and Mary) and showed a tendancy to give up on plays and look to run to soon. None of that was evident tonight.

Kicking game was very good too. Obi nailing the 42 yarder on the first drive was great to see. Roberts kickoffs were pretty good, as were Baltz's punts.

The defense was pretty average in the first half, but was great in the 2nd half. It was really nice to see the defensive coaching staff settle em down and make the necessary adjustments at halftime. Seldom did we see that last year.

Again it's just Villanova, but I think tonight's performance was overwhelmingly positve.