Friday, September 28, 2007

Daddy and Benjamin

Daddy: Age 3, December 1964

Benjamin: 23 months, September 2007

We got to spend some rare morning time together on Thursday and Friday. Benjamin had congestion and a cold so Weena and I decided to keep him out of day care those two days. Since I do not have any vacation time accrued yet, I would go into work from 12:30 until 8:30 and would watch Benjamin from 6:30 until noon when Weena got home from her job.

We had some fun during our couple of mornings together. We colored pictures, read books, studied flash card pictures, watched some Elmo, tossed the mini football around and bonded like Father's and Son's do. Benjamin also learned a new phrase "How are you Daddy?" This morning we both needed some outside air, so we took a walk together around the block and saw dogs, cats, birds and airplanes. I didn't want the morning to end.

He is feeling better and will be back at his day care Monday morning with his friends.

I kept thinking that the basic and simple things we did together past two days make being his Father very special and I'm so proud at what he has accomplished so far in his short life.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Man. Aside from coloring and a bit of Weena in Ben, you could be twins! I remember that photo of you very well. One of my favorites! Mom