Saturday, September 15, 2007

Katie and Christian's Wedding

Today is the big day for my cousin Katie and Christian. They are getting married in Oslo, Norway. Benjamin, Weena and I extend our congratulations and may you two enjoy a wonderful life together.


Dave Lifton said...

Congrats to Christian and Katie!

Bill-DC said...

Katie and Christian, if you are reading this Mom showed me pictures today of the wedding and it was so beautiful. I am happy you and Christian had such beautiful weather for your special day.

I see how much fun everyone had and it felt like I was there.

Hope you two enjoyed your honeymoon.

Some other Stanford alum had a nice weekend too. Tiger Woods won the inaugural Fed Ex Cup and won free Fed Ex'es for life in addition to a lot of cash and an annuity. Guess if he goes into a slump it's something he can count on down the road....