Friday, September 07, 2007

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. Wow, has five years really gone by that quickly? Was it five years ago we were planning our wedding and going crazy making sure everything went smoothly? I was a wreck at the rehearsal and dinner that followed but once I realized there was nothing more for me to do besides showing up, I relaxed. I remember the nice party Mom threw for me the night before and I remember watching The Blues Brothers movie at the hotel. I also stayed up until 2:00 AM listening to a live Bruce Springsteen show I had on CD. The next day I had breakfast with Dave K. and on the day of the wedding, I was relaxed and loose, not real nervous. It was great that my childhood friend Father Dan was able to perform the ceremony. That's something I'll never forget.

We received the best gift on October 25, 2005 when Benjamin was born and each day it is a joy being both a husband and a Dad. I am learning more and more daily and hope everyone who reads this blog is having fun watching Benjamin grow and progress.

Tonight the three of us we'll head out to Reston Town Center for a nice dinner celebration.

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