Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thank You Terrapins!

With less than a minute remaining and the Terrapins down by two, Maryland's D.J. Strawberry collides with Butler's Brandon Crone on this play and is called for charging.

Butler 62, Maryland 59

A few hours to think about the Terps elimination from the NCAA tournament.....Here goes.

Thanks to the seniors on this team D.J. Strawberry, Mike Jones, Ibekwe and Will Bowers. The last six weeks of their careers they managed to get everything together and won seven straight games to secure an NCAA tournament berth.

Go back a couple of years during which Coach Gary Williams program was floundering (back to back NIT appearances) and it was nice to see this team and these senior's finally get on a roll and put the program back on track. They were playing unselfishly, making passes, playing defense, etc. It a drag that the season ended today. I wanted to see these guys one more game and watch them go up against defending National Champion Florida....

However, Terps fans need to be proud of their team's efforts. Look at some of the little things we saw that we didn't see the past couple seasons: DJ's improved drive and pull up shots, Ekene's defensive presence, MJ's ability to get free and scare the heck out of any team because he was deadly from anywhere, anytime, everyone's newfound teamwork and passing etc. They gave us one hell of a run during that time. Gary did a fantastic job rallying them from 2-6 in the conference to go 10-6. They swept Duke and beat the Tar Heels. Awesome stuff. Their season was similar to the Maryland football team this past season. The football Terps got off to a crummy start where everyone questions them and yet they rallied to finish up with nine wins, including a bowl victory.

I just wished the basketball team began this run in January. I feel that with even a few more weeks of learning and improvement, this team would have been capable of so much more. But the fact that they turned a 2-6 ACC season into a 10-6 ACC season and two NCAA games gave us all some wonderful, unforgettable Terp moments.

Time to rally behind the Lady Terps as they begin their defense of their National Championship and just six more weeks until the Spring football game.....

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