Friday, March 23, 2007

Baseball Cards

While I was doing some errands at the grocery store I decided to pick up some packs of baseball cards for Benjamin. I remember the thrill I got as a kid when Dad or Mom would bring home baseball cards and I'd get a Frank Howard or any Washington Senator in the packs. Benjamin is seventeen months old on Sunday and it's a safe bet he has no idea who Man Ram or Ryan Howard is. But I want him to look at the pictures and colors. Since we got these, he can say "ball" and point to the baseball and he can also say "bat" and point to it. We're progressing along with sports, he recognizes a basketball when I flip on the NCAA hoops tourney.

One card I got was this below (click it to increase the size). It's Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Look at the card and notice who is standing to the right of Jeter. The Commander in Chief, President Bush. In the dugout waiting with bat in hand is Mickey Mantle. I was wondering what was up with this when my friend Dave gave me the following link. It was a gag by Topps. I wonder how much it would be worth should President Bush and Jeter were to autograph it? Since I have no access to either of these two, I'll just file it in Benjamin's collectable's vault as these are being sold on Amazon and eBay for $20-$50.

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Interesting piece about the baseball cards. Mom