Sunday, March 11, 2007

Haircut Time!

Benjamin's hair was growing out of control and since he hasn't had a haircut since last December, we decided to take him to the local chop shop for his third haircut. He's pretty good when it comes to this, he doesn't squirm or cry. Now you can actually see more of his face and ears. (Click on the image to get a larger shot)

Let's go outside!

Spring is almost here!

Watching the NCAA selection show-Go Terps!


Anonymous said...

Talk about getting buzzed. It looks good ... and if we all thought Ben looked like you BEFORE that haircut.... :-)
Aunt Kim

Bill-DC said...

My favorite part of today was arriving at his daycare and standing outside the door watching Benjamin with his circle of friends and teacher. He had no idea I was there and it was very cool seeing him participate in the games being played. Brought a tear to my eye seeing how much he enjoyed this.