Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Tough Week

This past Monday night Benjamin developed a low grade fever and we kept him out of day care on Tuesday. Later that night, his temperature went up to 105 so we went to the emergency room. During the wait there, his temperature was taken by a nurse and it dropped to 103.5

What was positive was he was not lethargic, he drank his water and bottle of milk and he was going to the bathroom on a regular basis. We finally saw a doctor and she ruled out an ear infection but she ordered blood to be drawn and a chest x-ray.

It was tough seeing him get poked for the blood draw, but the little guy was a trooper. He cried a bit during the procedure but stopped once he saw the Snoopy band aid he got. When we got the x-ray results, Benjamin has a little bit of pneumonia in his lungs and we were given antibiotics. We were told to keep him out of day care for the rest of the week and we left the hospital at 3:30 AM. His temperature had dropped to 100 after we got him home and he slept right away.

Wednesday and Thursday his temperature went up and down, between 99-101 but he was his usual playful self. Friday and Saturday were good days too, his temperature was normal and his cough is improving. He'll be able to get back to his 'mates at day care on Monday.

Looking back, Weena was her usual calm self and I guess I'm calming down a bit too. When I was a rookie Dad, I would freak out at the smallest thing that happened. Tuesday evening when we took him to the emergency room, I was as calm as I could be considering this was the first time Benjamin needed emergency room treatment.

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