Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rough Week For Our Little Guy

Monday and Tuesday were fine, Benjamin went to his day care and had his usual days. It's been very cold this week and we took extra steps to bundle him up in taking him to and from his day care. Wednesday he had a fever and some congestion and this carried over into Thursday so we decided to take him to see his pediatrician. Benjamin's incisors are coming in and this has triggered a left ear infection. His lungs are fine, he just has a cough and runny nose that go along with this. We decided to keep him out of his day care the rest of the week so he could recover so Weena and I alternated time off from work. He had a rough Saturday AM, waking up a couple times (2:00 AM and 5:00 AM) but in the afternoon he slept for a good four hours. Early this AM he woke up once around 5:00, was feverish but went back to sleep after we gave him some milk. Right now as I type this, he's running around up stairs with a normal temperature. Hopefully the worst is behind him.

Update: 2/12 at 2:00 PM from Weena
The doctor said that the Amoxicillin isn’t working for Ben’s ear infection this time. There are 3 strains of bacteria that causes ear infection. Amoxicillin can take care of 2 and unfortunately Ben has the 3rd strain. He prescribed a different antibiotic that Ben needs to start taking tonight.

If his fever doesn’t go away by Thursday, we’ll have to take him back for urine and blood tests. He also mentioned that they had 4 toddlers who have the same situation as Ben and doctor thinks it’s the strain that’s been going around the past weeks.

So far, Ben doesn’t show any other signs or symptoms of any other infection – no strep, no red rashes, and he’s still his playful self. It’s ok to continue using Tylenol/Motrin to get his fever down to at least 99. With the new medicine, the fever should not go any higher than 101 degrees and will gradually will go away in a couple of days.

He lost a pound already (24 lbs now) and doctor said it happens when they get ear infections and couldn’t eat much.

While waiting in the lobby, we were "reading" his baby book. He loves to say the word "owl" and kisses the picture! He’s fascinated by the big round eyes of the owl. He knows where to look for the owl picture too.

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