Sunday, February 04, 2007

Benjamin's 15 Month Check Up

Benjamin had his 15 month check up the other day. He is 32 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds, all normal. He also got his last two shots for awhile. I think they were for measles and mumps but he's had so many I've lost track. He was a trooper during this last set. He cried for about ten seconds, but when Daddy made a few goofy sounds and gave him his little Elmo toy, he was all smiles. His pediatrician was impressed with his progress and we are grateful for the care they have administered to Benjamin both for his normal check ups and the times we've had to bring him in when he was sick.

His next trip to the pediatrician is in three months, then he starts going on an annual basis. It's hard to believe Benjamin is in year two right now. Seems like yesterday he was born and I thought about this as Weena, Benjamin and I attended a baby shower for one of Weena's cousin's yesterday afternoon.

Here are a few recent photos of Benjamin:

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Anonymous said...

Ben's picture in the Elmo chair is a classic. I love his expression and also love the sweater he is wearing. He is an absolute precious little guy.