Thursday, February 15, 2007

Changes in the past couple months

Just a few things have changed since Benjamin's now passed 15 months. Used to be I would get home at 4:15 PM and play with Benjamin, then we would head upstairs and wait for Mommy. While doing so, I would catch a couple ESPN sports shows, Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption while Benjamin was cuddled up with Daddy on the bed. Not anymore. Benjamin now loves Sesame Street on PBS Kids Sprout Network and this is on from 5:00-6:00. His favorite part is Elmo's World, which usually comes on at 5:45. So instead of watching and listening to Kornheiser and Wilbon yap about the day's sports topics, I now get Elmo, Dorothy the Goldfish and Mr. Noodle. It's pretty cool to see Benjamin's face light up and hear him yelling "ELMO!" when he comes on.

Next is bed time, which usually starts at 7:30. After dinner I would take Benjamin upstairs and out of habit I would flip on the TV to catch the Seinfeld re-run while Benjamin had his bottle and he'd doze off. Now Benjamin likes to watch The Good Night Show (same channel) He likes the cartoons and the songs. When this show is on he knows his day is winding down.

Old habits eventually change and while I love sports and Seinfeld, interacting and horsing around with your child is the greatest fun a Dad could have. These programs he's now into are good entertainment and he's learning things and singing before he goes to bed. Great, positive way to end a day.

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