Thursday, February 22, 2007

After Daycare

Best part of my day is when I arrive at Benjamin's daycare around 4:15 to pick him up. Before I pack up his things, we have a nice reunion hug and then we spend a little time saying goodbye to his playmates. Benjamin waves goodbye, smiles and says "Bye Bye!" and off we go. We get home and it's playtime for the two of us until Mommy comes home around 5:30. We like to read, play with blocks and listen to music before taking some time to watch Sesame Street and his favorite character Elmo. I had my camera around so I snapped these pictures of our goof off time this evening.

Life is good. Benjamin turns 16 months old on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Happy 16 Month Birthday
Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill

Peter von Elling said...


Checking out your site after you found mine. What a great looking boy. Congratulations. It's been a while since I saw you last and so much has happened since. We're all grown up now with kids! My son went to almost half the DC United games last year, although I think it's going to be harder this year. Hope to see you at a game soon. Pete