Saturday, June 03, 2006

Vacation time!

Got the next week off and will be shuttling Benjamin to and from his day care center. My inlaws have been watching him since my wife went back to work and they are headed to Canada until October. For Benjamin, it will be a great time to interact with other children. For Daddy, it will be a little nerve racking because it will be the first time someone other than family will be watching him. I took this week off just to be near in case he has separation anxiety.

Tonight was my wife's company outing and we went to see D.C. United play New England at RFK Stadium. When we arrived, they had tents set up in front of the stadium and a barbeque, DJ and open bar for everyone. There were also games and a moon bounce for the kids. A lot of people were there and it was great to see them come out to support the best team in town, D.C. United.

We were seated in the upper deck of RFK and most of sections 401 through 424 were filled. Very nice turnout, nice result too as D.C. United won 1-0 as Jaime Moreno scored his fourth goal in the last three games, giving him 101 for his MLS career and D.C. United's unbeaten streak went to five games. More on the game here.

Got some other things planned this week. Hopefully I can get some golf in, a couple little home projects to complete and I'd love to get a bike ride or two in on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. Plus the World Cup starts on Friday. I'll take my camera along and shoot whatever happens along the way.

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